Rejuvenating facial therapy at home

Anti-aging creams and home-made masks are an excellent alternative to salon care. The great thing is that the ingredients for the procedures are very simple and do not require much money. We are pleased to offer you a list of effective face masks that have an amazing rejuvenating, moisturizing and nourishing effect.

face mask for skin rejuvenation

Rejuvenating care based on castor oil

Castor oil is very good for hair growth. It is also an excellent moisturizer and nourishing face cream. In winter, the facial skin is exposed to cold air, wind and snow, begins to dry and peel off. It must be well hydrated and nourished. Castor oil will help remove peeling and will significantly increase skin elasticity. The rejuvenating effect will be, as they say, on the face, or rather on the face. Face mask with castor oil and egg yolk is a great alternative to salon care for dry and dehydrated skin. Separate the yolk from the egg white and mix it with 10-15 drops of butter. Apply on face as a regular mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the mask with warm water and wipe your face with an ice cube, it is very good for the skin.

Always keep ice cubes with various healthy decoctions in the freezer. Freeze green tea, chamomile decoction, add various medicinal herbs to ice water. Ice is very good for toning the skin. Use it in the morning, you will be surprised how much your skin will change. Frozen ice with parsley, chamomile and green tea is very good for removing bags under the eyes.

Rejuvenating and moisturizing effect of gelatin masks

Face mask based on milk and gelatin - perfectly nourishes and moisturizes irritated and dry skin. It also has an excellent rejuvenating effect. For it you can use both milk and cream if the skin is very dry. Pour gelatin with milk, take equal proportions, let the mixture swell, half an hour will be enough.

Apply on face and leave for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water. If you want to nourish the skin even more - add a little honey or oil to the mask, a teaspoon. The effect will be just amazing - your skin will be filled with radiance, will be wonderfully moisturized.

The rejuvenating result of the glycerin mask with gelatin will be visible instantly! It has an intense moisturizing and firming effect. If you need to tidy up your face in a short time or an important event is coming up, then this recipe is for you. Such masks are also called "Cinderella effect", because their result is immediately visible and magical. So, ladies, we reveal to you this extraordinary secret of instant transformation!

You will need gelatin itself, about a tablespoon, a tablespoon of glycerin and a protein that needs to be broken down beforehand. Glycerin can be purchased at any pharmacy, especially since it is a cheap medicine. You need to mix all the ingredients and wait until the gelatin swells. Hold the mask on your face for 25-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply your favorite face cream. Now you can apply light makeup and delight everyone with your stunning appearance!

A mask with gelatin, cucumber and milk will tone even the most relaxed skin. We need a small cucumber, it is grated, the juice must be squeezed in a separate container. Mix two tablespoons of gelatin with three tablespoons of milk, allow to swell. For speed - use a water bath. Then add the squeezed cucumber juice to the mixture, stir and apply on face. Hold the mask on your face for 25-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The skin will acquire a noticeable tone and you will be happy to appreciate the anti-aging recipe for such a wonderful mask.

Butter and gelatin will eliminate the obvious signs of aging. It will take 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder, it must be filled with water (7 tablespoons). Gelatin should swell, it usually takes 30 minutes, if in a hurry, heat the composition in a water bath. When the mixture is ready, add a teaspoon of softened butter. The mask is held on the face for 15-20 minutes, then removed with a cotton swab dipped in milk. Guaranteed rejuvenating results! Give your skin youth and beauty - it's that simple!

Rejuvenating face cream and peeling

In order to renew the cells of the epidermis faster, you need to thoroughly clean your skin 1-2 times a week, using various scrubs and peels. In one of our articles we told you how to make natural facial scrubs at home. Thanks to them, our skin renews faster and looks young and radiant. In addition to scrubs, you can prepare gentle peels that will positively affect the condition of your skin.

Rejuvenating peeling with calcium chloride

We need calcium chloride in ampoules. The second ingredient is baby soap. Pour the liquid from two ampoules into a container, moisten a cotton swab and wipe your face several times at short intervals. You may feel a slight tingling sensation as the solution acts on your skin. Beat the baby soap into a light lather and apply on calcium.

Rub your face with light massage movements. The composition will begin to roll along with the dead skin cells. Rinse the crust from your face and apply a light moisturizer. The condition of the skin after such peeling will make you noticeably happy, as the skin will be noticeably renewed. The use of such cleansing is not recommended for significant skin damage, irritation or purulent acne. In such cases, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Rejuvenating peeling with honey and aspirin

The anti-aging properties of this peel are well known, ladies actively use it to maintain the beauty of their skin and renew it. This does not mean that it should be used only for aging skin, such cleansing is great for young skin. Peeling with honey and aspirin deeply cleanses the upper layer of the epidermis. Thanks to honey, the skin receives hydration and nutrition, begins to shine from within. If you are not allergic to honey, significant damage and irritation to the skin, this anti-aging peel is for you.

So, mix two tablets of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) with one teaspoon of natural honey and half a teaspoon of water. Mix the composition well and apply on pre-cleansed skin. The peel should stay on the skin for 10 minutes, then massage well and rinse with water. For greater efficiency, you can pre-steam your face and use the mixture as a mask, the exposure time is 20-25 minutes. Do not use this anti-aging peel more than once a week, it cleanses the skin in depth and does not require frequent use.

We prepare rejuvenating cream with our own hands at home

The rejuvenating gentle cream will eliminate the signs of aging. Prepare one egg white, a glass of good sour cream, it is better to take it with more fat, the juice of a small lemon, 1 tablespoon of glycerin and vodka, 50 grams will suffice. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. You have a completely natural cream, without chemical additives and preservatives. Use it not only for the face but also for the whole body. You will simply be amazed at how your renewed skin will shine. Store the cream in the refrigerator and use as needed.

Rejuvenating cream with honey and castor oil. You can easily prepare this anti-aging cream at home using the simplest and most affordable ingredients. It perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin, gives shine and softness. This cream also removes age spots, has the property of light whitening. You will need an empty jar to store the cream and a container to mix the product. Prepare and mix one tablespoon of natural honey, one teaspoon of Vaseline, two drops of iodine, one tablespoon of castor oil. Mix everything thoroughly. Everything, your anti-aging cream is ready!

Apply it in a thin layer like ordinary cream or in a thick layer like a mask - for 15 minutes, then remove the excess with a cotton swab or napkin. Store it in the refrigerator, this amount is usually enough for a month, after the expiration date you can make a new one. It is recommended to use the cream both in the morning and in the evening, to use it regularly - the result will not be late. Your skin will look younger day by day.

We will reveal another secret for beautiful and young skin: you can add a rejuvenating effect to your favorite cream by putting a little vitamin A and E in it, sold in every pharmacy, as a rule, these are oil capsules. In addition, the vitamins in this series are very useful to add to masks, shampoos and hair conditioners. Your hair will receive extra hydration and nourishment.

This article provides just a few of the wonderful anti-aging facials at home. In fact, there are many recipes.

Dear ladies, we wish you to always be in great shape, to please everyone with your beautiful appearance, do not forget that you can look your best without visiting expensive salons, and wisely use folk beauty recipes.