Non-ablative laser rejuvenation: the essence of the procedure, examinations

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation allows you to tighten the skin, reduce facial expressions, improve complexion, even out the relief and tighten pores. This gentle version of laser exposure is recommended for people with signs of photo and aging skin.

Ablative and non-ablative laser rejuvenation: what is the difference

Ablative and non-ablative rejuvenation methods differ in the degree of laser exposure of the treated area.

Ablative lasers, acting on the skin, damage its surface. The temperature of the treated areas rises almost instantly to 150 ° C. There is a targeted, controlled trauma to the skin to start the recovery process.

Ablative laser procedure for skin rejuvenation

The depth of exposure depends on the laser used. Carbon dioxide penetrates deeper than erbium, trapping the upper dermis. The stronger the impact, the longer the recovery period the client will have to go through.

The non-ablative procedure is easier and there is no rehabilitation period. The doctor chooses the power and diameter of the laser beam, which ensures the penetration of the beam deep into the skin. The surface of the treated skin is not damaged, only hyperemia remains.

The essence of non-ablative laser rejuvenation, the effect of the method

Skin hardness depends on the amount of structural proteins. These include elastin and collagen. They are responsible for the skin's ability to stretch and contract.

Collagen and elastin - structural proteins of the skin

If the amount of structural proteins in the skin decreases, it recovers worse after stretching, becomes relaxed and sagging. Wrinkles begin to appear.

Laser beam that is a directed beam of light:

  • Affects the structure of the dermis;
  • Denaturation of the protein occurs;
  • Stimulates the synthesis of new molecules of collagen and elastin.

The purpose of non-ablative laser treatment is to heat the structural proteins to 42-80 ° C. At the temperature limit denaturation of the protein occurs: it thickens, activates aseptic inflammation, which leads to the beginning of the recovery process. New fibroblast cells appear and the skin is gradually renewed.

Today, clients of cosmetology clinics have access to laser rejuvenation with neodymium, erbium, diode or alexandrite laser.

Advantages of the procedure, disadvantages

Indications for non-ablative laser rejuvenation are:

Non-ablative laser treatment of the neck
  • Photo and chrono-aging of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, arms;
  • Decreased tone;
  • Uneven complexion
  • Post-acne;
  • Scars;
  • Vascular asterisks.

The benefits of non-ablative laser rejuvenation include:

  • Saving effect. The laser leaves no visible damage. Rarely, mild swelling may occur;
  • Physiological rejuvenation;
  • Fast recovery. The surface of the skin is not damaged, after the procedure, hyperemia, which disappears within 24 hours;
  • The accuracy of the impact. The laser device is set to the diameter of the light beam, the pulse power and various operating options.

The procedure has its drawbacks:

  • More procedures are needed compared to the ablative method;
  • The light impact is not able to remove the deep scars;
  • Monthly recurrence. It is recommended to conduct a course of 3-6 procedures every 14-30 days. Then the cumulative effect will be fully manifested and the result will be more noticeable;
  • High price.

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation is recommended for people who do not want a rehabilitation period and can afford to do the procedures as a course.

Possible complications

The probability of complications in non-ablative laser rejuvenation is significantly lower than in traditional treatments (chemical and acid peels, surgical interventions, etc. ). The main risk is untrained staff and low quality equipment. The problem is easily solved by checking the examinations of the clinic.

In a personal meeting with a cosmetologist, you should ask a question about the education of a cosmetologist and ask for a laser certificate.

Consultation with a cosmetologist before non-ablative skin rejuvenation

It will not be superfluous to specify when the machine was last serviced and to ask for confirmation that the laser is in order.

The patient should inform the doctor about possible allergic reactions to drugs. Before the procedure the doctor is obliged to tell about the contraindications.

How does laser non-ablative skin rejuvenation work?

Before setting yourself up for non-ablative laser rejuvenation, keep in mind that this procedure requires mandatory consultation with a doctor. The cosmetologist assesses the condition of the skin, predicts the result, chooses a technique based on the individual characteristics of the patient's skin. It is important to make sure that there are no contraindications: pregnancy, skin neoplasms, inflammation and infectious diseases, etc.

Preparation for the session

It is worth stopping alcohol, tetracycline antibiotics, anticoagulants and retinol before the non-ablative rejuvenation procedure.

There should be no damage to the treated area of skin.

A week before going to the doctor, you should give up aggressive peels, cosmetics containing alcohol. Immediately before visiting the clinic, it is not necessary to apply make-up, creams and lotions on the treated area.


The cosmetologist chooses the procedure for the procedure, the intensity of the radiation, the treatment area. The client goes through 4 stages:

Laser non-ablative procedure for facial skin rejuvenation
  1. Accommodation. The patient lies on the couch, occupying a comfortable position in which he will spend 10 to 30 minutes. Hair is removed from the forehead under a disposable hat;
  2. Face cleaning. The doctor removes the remnants of cosmetics, sebum and other impurities;
  3. Laser treatment. A beautician in scan mode treats the necessary areas;
  4. To reduce redness, a cream is applied to the treated area, which stimulates the regeneration processes.

Most people do not experience pain during non-ablative rejuvenation. For a client with sensitive skin, the doctor will suggest local anesthesia.


Slight redness in the treatment area and a feeling of inner warmth. These symptoms disappear on their own in 1-2 days.

For the best effect during the first 3-4 days you need to protect the treated areas from high temperatures: leave the bath, saunas, solarium for 2 weeks. There is no need to rub the skin with your hands, actively massage, apply decorative cosmetics.

Prices for non-ablative laser rejuvenation

Depending on the device used in the clinic and the type of radiation source (erbium, neodymium, diode, etc. ), the cost of laser non-ablative facial skin rejuvenation is from $ 45 to $ 330. The number of recommended procedures is at least three, the full course will cost the client $ 140-1000.

Laser hand rejuvenation with non-ablative method

Neck and arm treatments are cheaper - from $ 28 to $ 125 (these areas usually cost the same). Neckline - from $ 33 to $ 145. The procedure can be applied to other parts of the body: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and arms. A number of clinics offer partial treatment: treatment of the forehead, nose, facial wrinkles around the eyes.

Many clinics offer a complex: face + décolleté, face plus neck, face + neck + décolleté, etc. Such general anti-aging procedures are cheaper than treating the areas separately.

The price of the service is determined independently of each clinic. A significant drop in prices should be worrying. It is likely that the clinic uses poor quality equipment or does not follow the recommendations for replacement of consumables on the device.


On the websites of cosmetology clinics, clients publish reviews about non-ablative laser rejuvenation, share their impressions and tips, publish "before" and "after" photos.

  1. "I have completed a full course of laser rejuvenation. I will tell you about the procedure itself, so that beginners know what to expect: the beam heats up. It feels like a slight electric shock, it burns a little, but you can handle it. If someone has done laser hair removal, here is one in one feeling.

    The face after the treatment became slightly red, but you can safely go to work the next day. The effect intensifies gradually: the face is visibly smoothed, the skin thickens. After 5 days my skin peeled off slightly, but there was no such thing as peeling off. Overall, I am pleased with how the effect will disappear, I plan to repeat it. "

  2. "The first time I decided on laser non-ablative skin rejuvenation was in 2015. And I was shocked by the effect! For the first few hours, my face burned as if scalded with boiling water. Then the impressions were, as if from a light complexion, no tightening occurred. The second time I decided after a persistent advertisement of my friend. She did it in another clinic and became significantly younger, by 10 years.

    I went to consult a beautician, he explained to me that the first time the power supply was chosen incorrectly. I told you something about wavelengths, how a neodymium laser works, but I didn't understand anything. And the second time I liked everything! So now I also advise everyone. The main thing is to find a competent specialist. "

In most examinations for non-ablative laser rejuvenation, patients report a visible result.

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation helps maintain skin tone, prolongs youth. The lack of aggressive effects allows people with sensitive skin to use the procedure.

A consultation with a cosmetologist is required before performing non-ablative rejuvenation.