Anti-aging facial treatments

Rejuvenating facial treatments are very effective for aging skin. A rare woman is able to come to terms with age-related changes that inevitably affect the skin. The first wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, dullness - all these problems are solved effectively through anti-aging facial treatments. The cosmetics industry offers a huge number of methods to restore the outgoing beauty.

facial rejuvenation

Peeling as a rejuvenating procedure

There is no more popular procedure for facial rejuvenation than exfoliation. Chemical, ultrasonic, laser - all types are aimed at restoring the skin:

peeling to rejuvenate facial skin
  1. Chemical peels are able to rejuvenate the face by eliminating dead cells. The procedure triggers their renewal, stimulates collagen production. The main remedy is glycolic acid, which destroys the upper layer of the skin due to burns. The risk of skin damage depends on the qualification of the cosmetologist, there are some contraindications.
  2. Ultrasonic peeling provides gentle exfoliation of the upper layer, smoothes the skin and supplies it with oxygen. The result is tenderness and elasticity, improving the complexion.
  3. Brossage is an exfoliation based on the use of rotating brushes. The tools gently remove unnecessary elements from the skin and remove fine wrinkles. The delicate nature of the procedure makes it ineffective against global age-related changes.
  4. Laser peels involve the use of a laser beam. With its help the skin is freed from the dead layer, its relief is normalized, the pores are cleaned. As a result, the face looks younger and shines with health. The ability of the laser to reach deep dermal layers makes the session effective even against visible nasolabial folds.
  5. Enzymatic peels are useless when it comes to wrinkles. However, it can help achieve skin rejuvenation by exfoliating dead cells. Among the advantages of the procedure is the lack of traces of exposure - irritation, redness. By going through it every two months, you can stop the aging process.
  6. Mechanical peeling is considered the most traumatic, but has a good effect on the condition of the skin. The procedure is indicated for those who have contraindications for other types of peels.
ultrasonic facial cleansing for rejuvenation

It is advisable to choose effective types of peels together with a beautician, as the condition of the skin is individual.

Mesotherapy. A list of anti-aging treatments would be incomplete without mesotherapy. The main tool are special formulations that include medicinal ingredients: herbal cakes, minerals, vitamins. "Medicine" is injected pointwise into the subcutaneous tissue of problem areas.

Mesotherapy sessions provide immediate skin rejuvenation. Their implementation allows you to make corrections in problem areas, to fight acne. The face looks rejuvenated, eliminating the double chin, smoothing wrinkles and improving color. The result of the procedure is preserved for an average of 4 months, the exact period depends on individual characteristics. The lifting effect appears after two or three sessions.

Injections. Botox has been shown since the age of 30, when the first "symptoms" of aging appear on the face. The procedure involves injecting botulinum toxin under the skin. The injection site is the area that needs to be corrected.

injectable rejuvenation of facial skin

The duration of the session does not exceed a quarter of an hour, the result lasts up to 9 months, is observed approximately on the 5th day.

Botox has gained well-deserved popularity as an effective treatment for wrinkles. The injections affect the nasolabial folds, glabellar formations, wrinkles on the lips, cheeks and forehead. Also, the procedure allows you to adjust the double chin, the corners of the mouth, the contour of the eyebrows. The result is facial rejuvenation.

High achievements in the field of anti-aging are demonstrated by such an invention as ozone therapy. Like Botox, the technique is based on local injection, using only medical ozone in microscopic volumes. As a result, the skin is hydrated, wrinkles are smoothed and cell regeneration is activated. The result is noticeable in about six months, ideally the sessions should be monthly.

Irradiation as a rejuvenating procedure

In recent years, the demand for radiation-based cosmetic procedures has increased.

Nanoperforation is the effect of a laser beam on the skin, as a result of which the production of elastin and collagen is activated. The effect appears almost instantly. The face is rejuvenated, acquires freshness and healthy color, wrinkles "dissolve".

Radio wave lifting is another procedure based on the use of radiation. Under the influence of electromagnetic waves, collagen fibers shrink, which causes the skin to get rid of excess and tighten. The technique is also known as an effective means of double chin.

Reinforcement as a rejuvenating procedure

facial skin rejuvenation

Everything that the modern cosmetics industry has to offer is difficult to describe, as new anti-aging products are constantly being invented. One of them is cosmetic enhancement.

The procedure involves the introduction of a foreign infiltrate into the subcutaneous layer, which allows natural recovery of the dermis, the formation of fresh collagen fibers.

Reinforcement provides smoothing of facial contours, fights wrinkles, creates a lifting effect. It can be recommended as a good way to deal with a double chin, as a remedy against nasolabial folds.

Other facial rejuvenation procedures

Cryotherapy fights well with age-related changes. The technique consists in the use of liquid nitrogen, brought to the optimum temperature. It can be used topically in the form of cryomassage or as a session in a cryochamber.

Cryotherapy improves the nutrition and blood supply of the dermis, activates cell regeneration and has a positive effect on the complexion. The effect lasts about 6 months.

Surgical lifting is a radical tool to combat skin changes that occur under the influence of aging. The purpose of the operation is to tighten the sagging skin areas. As a result, the lost contour returns to the oval of the face, the number of wrinkles decreases and the face looks younger. The advantage of surgery is the duration of the result, which lasts about 10 years.

The conclusion is obvious: thanks to modern advances in cosmetology, youth can be maintained for almost a lifetime.