Plasmolifting for skin rejuvenation

beautiful facial skin after plasma rejuvenation

Plasmolifting (PLAZMOLIFT) is the latest method of rejuvenation, in which a person's own plasma is injected into the connective part of the skin.

With this method of rejuvenation the skin acquires a fresher look, wrinkles are smoothed, small cosmetic defects are eliminated. Plasmolifting is performed by both men and women, currently this procedure is one of the most effective to look younger and more beautiful.

Plasmolifting: advantages and disadvantages of the method

The essence of plasmalifting is that in order to rejuvenate a person, his own plasma is injected into his dermis. Because platelets are present in the blood, which are responsible for skin regeneration, only that part of the plasma that contains the most beneficial substances is used for injections.

The plasmalifting technique was invented a few decades ago in Japan, but is becoming more sophisticated and safer every day and is now used around the world. Thanks to this technique, many people were able to get rid of dry skin, wrinkles and other cosmetic problems that prevented them from living and looking beautiful.

The advantages of plasma lifting, unlike other lifting methods, are the following:

  • Efficiency. The result will be noticeable after the first procedure: the skin will become more taut, wrinkles (including deep and imitative) will become less noticeable. In addition, the aging process of the skin will slow down.
  • Painless. Plasma injection will do no more harm than any other injection (into a vein or finger) as long as anesthesia is used during the injection;
  • Security. Rejection of blood is completely ruled out, as its own plasma is used here and no rehabilitation period is required after the procedure;
  • There are practically no contraindications;
  • Does not cause an allergic reaction.

How is the plasmalifting procedure performed:

  • You must first prepare for the delivery of a biochemical blood test. The day before, you should not eat fatty or fried foods, and also exclude foods containing preservatives;
  • Take a blood test for biochemistry and collect useful plasma in a special tube;
  • After the blood is divided according to the useful substances into poor, rich plasma and erythrocytes, the most saturated with useful properties plasma is selected. This whole process takes no more than 15-20 minutes;
  • Immediately after the release of the rich plasma, an injection is made, under the action of which the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid is obtained, due to which the skin tightens and acquires a more attractive appearance.
  • The whole procedure, including collecting and sorting blood, takes about an hour.

Plasmolifting at home can not be performed, as this procedure requires special expensive equipment and, above all, good knowledge in the field of medicine.

Disadvantages of plasma lifting:

  • The high cost of the procedure;
  • Not suitable for people who are afraid of the sight of blood.

The plasma lifting procedure can be performed on the following areas of the body: the area around the eyes, scalp, face, neck, décolleté.

  • Facial plasmolifting will help get rid of the signs of aging and sagging skin and improve blood circulation. With facial plasmalifting, the injection is injected into the exact area of the skin that requires rejuvenation.
  • Plasmolifting of the hair will improve the blood circulation in the scalp, due to which the hair will stop falling out, will acquire natural shine and softness. Sometimes such a procedure can cause mild pain, but this is quite rare.
  • Plasmolifting with pigmentation perfectly relieves skin from age spots, while after the first session they become lighter and more invisible. This is because enriched plasma affects the active production of melanin in the skin.
  • Plasmolifting for acne is effective even if the inflammation and acne are in an acute stage. The beneficial substances effectively eliminate the causes of acne, the complexion becomes better and the skin problems disappear.
  • Plasmolifting for alopecia effectively affects the hair follicles, which makes the hair stronger, improves blood circulation and reduces hair loss.
  • Plasmolifting for rosacea will allow you to get rid of large acne by acting on harmful subcutaneous deposits with the help of beneficial substances contained in plasma.
  • Plasmolifting in psoriasis is one of the most effective methods to combat this disease, allowing you to get rid of painful peels, stains and most importantly, helps to eliminate the original source of this disease.

Plasmolifting during pregnancy and lactation is not contraindicated, but since the effect of this procedure on the child has not yet been studied, it is still worth refraining from performing this procedure.

Rehabilitation after plasma lifting is practically not required, as this method of rejuvenation involves internal injections. Experts advise eating more healthy vegetables and fruits after plasma lifting, but there are no special recommendations.

Indications and contraindications for plasma lifting

plasma injection for skin rejuvenation

Indications for the plasmalifting procedure:

  • The aging process of the skin and any other changes related to age;
  • Reduced skin elasticity;
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Age of 25 years when the first wrinkles appear;
  • The presence of stretch marks after birth and stretch marks formed as a result of a sharp decrease or increase in weight;
  • If laser or chemical peels have been performed and skin rehabilitation is required;
  • Acne;
  • Excessive hair loss.

Contraindications to the plasma lifting procedure also exist:

  • Viral hepatitis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Severe inflammation of the internal organs;
  • Blood diseases;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Mental illness

Plasma lifting side effects may occur if you are allergic to the metal from which the injection needles are made. In addition, there is a small risk of contracting a viral disease, so you should only apply for such a procedure in a proven and approved clinic.

Skin care after plasma lifting

The frequency of the procedure depends on what problems need to be fixed. As a rule, 2 to 4 procedures are needed with an interval of 7 days between them. After plasmolifting, slight swelling and redness may occur, which usually disappears within 4 to 5 days.

The results of the plasma lifting can be seen after the first procedure: the skin will become tighter, fine wrinkles will be smoothed, and the complexion will become much better. Care after the plasmalifting procedure consists in the use of good cosmetics, moisturizers and anti-aging creams. It is also not recommended to visit the bathroom and sunbathe within 3 days after the plasma lifting session.

The effect of such a rejuvenating course is sufficient for at least 8 months, after which the aging process of the skin will still be significantly slowed down.

Only the most positive reviews of the plasma lifting procedure can be seen: many people have tried a large number of ways to look better, but only the plasma lifting helped them achieve the desired goal, to look young and beautiful.