Rejuvenation of the décolleté area

The décolleté area is a sensitive and delicate area, one of the first to stand out for our age. The skin in this area is usually very tender and thin, and in many women it is prone to dryness.

Rejuvenation of the décolleté area is performed to restore the youth of the skin, remove wrinkles, increase firmness and elasticity.

Smooth and even skin on the décolleté area

With improper care or lack of such age changes and deterioration of the general condition of the skin can occur quite early.

Lack of vitamins in the body, poor nutrition, adverse environmental conditions, wearing synthetic clothing and bad habits - all this negatively affects the condition of the skin in this delicate area.

To ensure that the décolleté area always looks well maintained, effective rejuvenation techniques are used, which include biorevitalization, fractional photothermolysis, photorejuvenation and peeling.

When is it worth booking an appointment to rejuvenate the décolleté area?

The first signs of age-related skin changes in the décolleté can be observed after 25-35 years. You need to address the following issues:

  • thinning of the skin;
  • increased dryness, flaking, dehydration;
  • reducing the firmness and elasticity of the skin, while reducing the production of collagen and elastin;
  • the formation of wrinkles and creases;
  • slight slackness;
  • age-related pigmentation;
  • the appearance of dull, painful skin color.
Décolleté area before and after rejuvenation procedures

Experts believe that the procedure will be effective only with an individual approach to each patient, which is why special rejuvenation programs are prepared depending on the indications.

Modern methods for rejuvenating the décolleté area

Basic tasks: deep hydration, nourishment, recovery, elimination of the stratum corneum (if necessary), softening, smoothing and lifting the décolleté area.

It should be noted that the tasks may vary and change depending on the nature of age-related changes and the general condition of the skin.

Here we will look at the fastest and safest procedures that have already helped many women regain their youthful skin on the décolleté area.


To reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, remove and reduce pigmentation, cosmetologists use a photorejuvenation technique that allows you to restore the natural smoothness of the skin.

Thanks to special attachments, the light rays can be directed to those areas where age-related defects are observed.

The dermis is heated to the optimum temperature, the radiation is converted into energy, which stimulates the regeneration processes necessary for the complete renewal of the skin.

Photorejuvenation helps to activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, effectively removes age-related pigmentation. This is a convenient procedure, after which there is no need for prolonged rehabilitation.


The biorevitalization procedure will be indispensable if the skin in the décolleté area has lost its elasticity and firmness. This method involves injecting a drug whose main component is hyaluronic acid.

Marking on the skin of the neck and décolleté for rejuvenating biorevitalization

Accelerating the production of elastin and collagen gradually leads to improved skin condition.

After biorevitalization the skin acquires a healthy color, wrinkles become less pronounced, turgor and skin tone improve markedly.

The method is safe and has a minimum of contraindications. If desired, biorevitalization can be repeated to consolidate the result.

Fractional photothermolysis

Fractional photothermolysis with erbium laser makes it possible to create microthermal healing zones in which thermochemical processes are activated, which contribute to renewal and rejuvenation.

Fractional photothermolysis is a multifunctional method that can be recommended not only to eliminate signs of age-related dystrophy of elastic and collagen fibers in the décolleté, but also to improve the general condition of the skin, treat acne and various types of pigmentation.

Smooth and perfectly smooth skin is an effect that can be quickly achieved with the help of fractional photothermolysis. Sometimes one or two sessions are enough.


Very often, chemical peels will be enough to rejuvenate the décolleté area. For this procedure, special solutions are used to remove the stratum corneum.

Peeling allows you to stimulate renewal and accelerate collagen synthesis, remove age-related defects and reduce the depth of wrinkles.